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Amazon Commercial Electrical Tools – Multimeters, Testers, More

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Amazon has set their sights on the electrical testing tool industry with a new line of Amazon Commercial digital multimeters, testers, thermometers, and more.

This is a very quiet but also very serious effort.

I have posted about AmazonBasics tools and products before, and AmazonCommercial is their relatively new brand aimed at providing business, commercial, and industrial-focused products.

Amazon says that AmazonCommercials brand focuses on:

High-quality, commercial-grade equipment and supplies to keep your business running.

And they have recently set their sights on the electrical testing, measurement, and troubleshooting industry.

Some of you might be saying “but AmazonCommercial isn’t new!,” and you’re right, it isn’t. I landed on one of the multimeter product pages a few weeks or months ago, and was shocked that this series of tools appeared out of nowhere and had been flying under my radar.

Amazon Commercial Digital Multimeter Pricing

There are a range of products, and with very different price points. With respect to digital multimeters, they have quite a few options, from a more basic weather-resistant auto-ranging model that’s priced at $36.44, to a “heavy duty” model with color LCD display and more premium features, priced at $235.07.

Amazon Commercial Electrical Testing Tools

There is really an astonishing number of different products.

For instance, AmazonCommercial has even entered the laser distance measuring tool market.

Amazon tries a lot of new things, and quite frequently too. Their “editorial recommendations” program is still ongoing, and nearly two years later, the quality is still terrible. If only there were people who actually knew about tools and didn’t just write fluffy marketing copy based on Amazon’s bestsellers’ lists…

Amazon Car Shopping

Surprisingly, Amazon’s Car and Truck Store is still an active… customer research experiment?

Amazon Safety Earmuffs

It appears that Amazon is no longer selling their AmazonBasics hearing protection earmuffs.

Amazon getting into the commercial tool industry, producing (or putting their name on) tools that I – and you – might actually be interested in – this is a big deal.

Amazon Commercial Electrical Tape

They even have an entire line of AmazonCommercial electrical tape. At the time of this posting, a 12-pack of 3/4″ x 60′ of 7-mil black vinyl tape is priced at $16, which Amazon says is the lowest price in 30 days.

This AmazonCommercial tool and supply brand could make some waves.

Amazon Commercial Digital Multimeters Description

I scrolled down on the multimeter page, to take a look at its features and specs, and how it’s marketed, and this is what I found.

What’s that about the test leads? Durably made, the hand towels resist tearing during use and are highly absorbent.

This was the first page I saw, and after checking some of the others I was relieved to find minimal errors beyond this one.

Some of the AmazonCommercial testing tools are already on their bestsellers list.

I’m going to be frank – some of these tools have appealing feature sets and compelling pricing. But I’m also not convinced that these are really aimed at commercial users.

There are FAQ-type questions, where they are asked and answered by AmazonCommercial. One such question asks What is NCV and how it [sic] used? That makes sense, but this strikes me as a question that commercial users and pros won’t need to ask.

Amazon Commercial Clamp Meter Current Question

Another question asks Does this meter measure AC an [sic] DC current? and they answer it with: No. It does not measure DC current. It measures AC current up to 1000A. But, this is an AC/DC clamp meter where they specifically advertise its AC/DC current-measuring functionality!

Getting a full listing of all the AmazonCommercials test equipment was a challenge, but I found an MRO (maintenance, repairs, operations) category in their main brand store.

This will be an interesting development to follow, but only if they put more effort into it. Then again, they’re clearly selling some of these tools and supplies, and so their goal is already being accomplished.

The question is, are they taking sales away from industry standards such as Fluke, Amprobe, Klein, and Ideal?

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