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Gearwrench 18pc 3/8″ Ratchet and Drive Tool Set Deal

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Which ratchet should I get? Standard? No wait – flex-head and a stubby. Do I have a breaker bar?

Okay, I have a 3″ extension, what other sizes do I need? What about wobble extensions – should I get them in the same size?

I really wish I had a locking extension.

I should stop using my 1/2″ breaker bar with 3/8″ sockets.

Where did my socket size adapters go?

This Gearwrench 3/8″ 18pc ratchet and drive tool accessory set looks to be very comprehensive, and puts all these questions to rest.

Sure, you could probably add even more to it, such as a swivel ratchet, bit holding socket, T-handle, or other such tools and accessories. But still… wow this is a lot.

You get 4 different ratchets – 84T for a fine-tooth 4.3° swing arc, a breaker bar, and extensions in standard, wobble, and locking varieties, plus a universal (swivel) bar and several size adapters.

This monster of a 3/8″ ratchet and drive tool set, SKU 81254, is now on sale for $100.14.

Here’s everything you get:

  • (4) Ratchets
    • Standard
    • Long Handle
    • Stubby
    • Long Handle Flex Head
  • (1) Breaker Bar
  • (5) Extensions
  • (3) Wobble Extensions
  • (2) Locking Extensions
  • (1) Universal Joint
  • (2) Adapters

This seems to be a really good price.

Sale Price: $100.14

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Update 5/10/21: Thank you to Paul for the tip – this set is now on sale for $100!!
Original post: 11/9/20

Price Checking

*Prices as of the date of the last update, 5/10/21.

I am not able to easily price-out the value of this set, but to me it looks like a decent bargain at its regular price and a really good at the new $100 sale price.

Other Gearwrench dealers have this set at $125 and up at the moment.

Normally, you get the best pricing when you buy ratchets as part of a 2-size or 3-size set. Here, you get 4 ratchets plus a breaker bar, and it looks like you save quite a bit when you buy them as part of this 18pc 3/8″ drive tool set.

I’m not a completist, but I’ve been meaning to plug holes in my hand tool and accessory set. If I were building a tool set from scratch again today, this set would likely be on my shortlist. I’d likely add to it a little bit, but I like the assortment they give you for the money.


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