Craftsman Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

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I was searching for something on Lowe’s website when I came across this Craftsman digital thermometer.

This Craftsman temperature station, 01137LCM, features a large digital display that updates with temperature and humidity measurements every 30 seconds.

It has a weather-resistant sensor that transmits outdoor measurements from a range of up to 165 feet. The base station also displays indoor temperature and humidity measurements.

You can view daily highs and lows with the press of a button. The temperature station also doubles as a clock, with both time and date displays. The display is powered by 3xAAA batteries, and the outdoor sensor by 2xAA batteries.

This seems convenient, displaying indoor and outdoor temperature conditions at a glance. It’s not something I would have anticipated from the Craftsman brand, but that’s not a bad thing.

Price: $25

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Acurite Temperature Humidity Sensor

If you only want to monitor indoor temperature and humidity levels, I’ve had good experiences with this ~$12 AcuRite model from Amazon. The Craftsman model looks larger and easier to read from a distance, plus it has the wireless outdoors sensor, but maybe you don’t need all that.

Buy Now via Amazon

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