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New Ryobi Cordless Lopper for Pruning Branches

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Ryobi has come out with another new 18V cordless power tool, a branch lopper!

This isn’t the first cordless non-chainsaw-style lopper or branch pruner that I’ve seen, but the first and only other tool of this kind that I’ve ever seen came out a full decade go.

The Craftsman 12V Nextec cordless pole pruner came out back in May of 2011, and had a 3/4″ cutting capacity.

This new Ryobi cordless pruner is going to be much more powerful, thanks to its 18V battery, and it can cut branches up to 1-1/4″ thick.

Ryobi Cordless Lopper Kit P4363 Cutting Head Closeup

The Ryobi cordless lopper has a bypass cutting action, which they say allows for precise cuts.

It also has a branch hook, so you can dislodge and remove the newly cut branches.

Ryobi Cordless Lopper Kit P4363 Trimming Tree Branch

The tool measures 2.5′ long, which gives you up to 8.5′ of reach.

Ryobi says this tool is ideal for pruning and limbing.

  • 1-1/4″ cutting capacity
  • 2.5′ length
  • up to 8.5′ reach
  • Kit comes with 2.0Ah battery and charger

Price: TBA for the kit, $119 for the bare tool (P4362BTL)

Buy Now: Bare Tool via Home Depot

Thank you to Cody for the heads-up!



I broke a Fiskars hand pruner last year, and a pole lopper a few years ago. I now have a wide-opening Corona lopper, an adjustable handle Fiskars lopper, and two kinds of pole loppers. There’s no best tool for every branch-cutting task, but one thing is for certain – I’ve been waiting for a tool like this!

The older Craftsman Nextec pruner was okay, but I found it a bit underpowered. I passed it along to someone else for further testing. Sears discontinued the product line very quickly, and I never found out why.

The concept of a cordless lopper for pruning tree and bush branches is a great one, and I’m surprised that it took 10 years to see a product like this again.

Some other parts of the world are getting a Ryobi One+ pole lopper, and it appears they’ve had earlier access to a similar cordless handheld lopper. There’s also a pole lopper coming out in Europe.

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