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Makita Launches New 2021 Flagship Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit w/ Free Bonuses

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The new Makita XPH14 brushless hammer drill is set to launch this month (March 2021), and apparently there’s a new combo kit that comes with this drill and the XDT16 impact driver.

A reader came across this new combo kit, model XT288T, and asked if it’s a good deal.

Not only is there a new Makita 18V combo kit that includes their new 2021 flagship cordless hammer drill, it’s launching with a pretty substantial promotion bundle.

At this time, it seems that Home Depot is the only retailer offering this special launch bundle on the Makita XT288T cordless hammer drill and impact driver combo kit. All of the independent Makita dealers we checked are only carrying the combo kit by itself and no promo bonus items.

The seemingly Home Depot-exclusive launch bonus bundle comes with 2x 5.0Ah batteries and a 45pc Impact XPS screwdriver bit set.

The battery 2-pack sells for $149 separately, and the 45pc bit set (E-01650) sells for $25. The XT288T combo kit, with the drill, impact driver, charger, 2x batteries, and case, sells for $399.

Is this a good deal? On paper, it’s a great deal, you’re getting $174 worth of freebies compared to paying full price for just the combo kit at other retailers.

But should you buy it?

We requested a hammer drill test sample from Makita USA, but have not yet heard back with a definitive answer. Despite several past requests, they never supplied a test sample of the predecessor model either.

It might not be available yet, or maybe they’re declining the request. Either way, I haven’t had any opportunity to see their new hammer drill in action yet and am unable to provide you with any hands-on feedback or insights.

Makita’s older model was very powerful, and this new model is even more so, according to its on-paper specs.

If you ask for my (hands-off) opinion, there are good reasons to wait, and I said as much in my news post about the XPH14 hammer drill.

The Makita XGT 40V Max cordless power tool lineup still hasn’t launched here in the USA, despite having already launched in Europe, Japan, Australia, and Japan, at the least. Even if Makita launches the new XGT lineup here last, I would think (hope) this is still set to happen in 2021.

The new Makita 40V Max tools will be more powerful and better featured, such as with an anti-kickback feature for the hammer drill (at least in other countries’ releases).

So, despite this being Makita’s latest and greatest 18V brushless hammer drill in 2021, there’s still something better on the horizon if you’re willing to buy into their 40V Max lineup.

Maybe that’s why Makita and Home Depot are trying to boost interest with heavy incentives for this combo kit?

Despite this being a brand new combo kit that includes Makita’s brand new hammer drill, there are already 590 user reviews at Home Depot’s website.

If you think that it’s odd, for there to be so many reviews so quickly, you’re not alone.

Looking closer, many of the user reviews seem to be for the screwdriver bit set by itself, and NOT the new 18V cordless power tool combo kit or this particular bundle. Past the first few pages, there are reviews for Makita batteries, and also ratings that don’t even mention which products they’re for.

Do you need the bonus batteries? Do you absolutely have to upgrade right now?

If you pass on this deal, the next all-but-guaranteed promo will kick off next November. Home Depot usually has a “buy this combo kit, get 2 free bonus tools” promo, featuring different brands’ flagship brushless drill and impact driver combo kits, including Makita’s. Here are details for their 2020 holiday season promo.

There could be other promos between now and then, such as for Father’s Day, or the next iteration of whatever promo is happening right now that created this bundle kit.

If you buy this combo kit now, you’re getting a great deal, assuming there are no issues or common user complaints about the new hammer drill, but that’s always a risk for early adopters.

But will you regret your purchase if Makita USA launches their XGT 40V Max cordless power tools the following week? Month? Around Father’s Day?

The bundled batteries and impact-rated screwdriver bit set makes for an enticing promo, although the high number of unrelated user reviews is a curiosity – and one we’ve seen before when user reviews are automatically aggregated.

Home Depot says this launch bundle is part of a promo that ends 03/21/2021. Sometimes their promos end early, other times they’re extended. They say the deal started 3/1, but the reader that brought my attention to this asked about it in late-February.

Think this one through carefully.

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