Irwin Stubby Multi-Bit Screwdriver for $4 is Back!

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I have found stubby screwdrivers and bit holders convenient to use and like them. What about you? Is it time you tried one?

I came across this Irwin 8-in-1 stubby screwdriver, and it seems to be a good buy. It’s a couple of dollars off of its regular price, but besides that, it also looks to be a good value.

Update 3/8/21: It’s back in stock with a late-April shipping ETA.

Irwin describes this as an 8-in-1, and it comes with a 7pc bit set that is stored within the handle.

Irwin Stubby Multi-Bit Screwdriver Drawing

It looks like the bit cartridge is threaded, and Amazon user reviews confirm this.

I have no shortage of stubby bit-holding screwdrivers, and think this could be appealing for first-time users not sure of whether they want a stubby driver or not.

The Irwin screwdriver handle looks a little chunky to me – not a bad thing – and Irwin says it has a “ProTouch Grip” for maximum torque, comfort, and slip resistance.

It looks a little cheap to me, but at $4, there’s little risk for anyone who’s not sure how useful a stubby screwdriver will be for them. And if it turns out that you like it, you could always upgrade down the line.

Price: $3.90

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Upgraded Pick: Klein

Klein Multi-Bit Stubby Screwdriver

If you want a more pro-oriented stubby screwdriver, this Klein has removable double-sided bits – the kind where the entire shaft slides out – and is priced at $10.

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