ReferenceReady Boating and Sailing Knot Cards

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Product Description

ReferenceReady Knot Tying Guides and Kits for Outdoor SportsReferenceReady Knot Tying Guides and Kits for Outdoor Sports

NautiCards: Boating and Sailing Knots by ReferenceReady is the knot tying reference guide of choice for boaters and sailors seeking a thorough, waterproof, portable, and extraordinarily durable alternative to the fragile smart phone or heavy paper book. It contains knots specifically selected for boating and sailing scenarios, and was designed to be clear and extremely easy-to-follow.

A little bigger than a credit card, this portable, waterproof boating knot book contains simple diagrams demonstrating how to tie the 20 most useful nautical rope knots, along with descriptions and usage tips, and includes a mini carabiner for clipping to your boat bag. These knot cards make a perfect inexpensive gift for the boater or sailor in your life.

Contains diagrams demonstrating how to tie the following boating and sailing knots: Cleat Hitch, Halyard Hitch, Midshipman’s Hitch, Clove Hitch, Half Hitch, Two Half Hitches, Round Turn and Two Half Hitches, Slippery Half Hitch, Lark’s Head, Sheet Bend, Trucker’s Hitch, Rolling Hitch, Buntline, Bowline, Figure 8 (Flemish Knot), Flemish Bend, Flemish Loop, Reef Knot, Carrick Bend, and Anchor Bend.

NautiCards Nautical Knot CardsNautiCards Nautical Knot Cards

Thorough yet portable

NautiCards includes diagrams for 20 essential boating and sailing knots in an easily-stowed, 5-card format that is just a bit larger than a credit card.

NautiCards weigh in at just one ounceNautiCards weigh in at just one ounce

Super lightweight yet extremely durable

Weighing in at just one ounce, NautiCards won’t be in the way on your vessel or in your bag even though they’re printed on a high-quality, semi-flexible, ultra-durable plastic.

NautiCards are waterproofNautiCards are waterproof

Totally waterproof

Unlike paper books or most phones, NautiCards are totally waterproof — ideal for the wet conditions encountered on boats.

NautiCards include step-by-step diagrams for each knotNautiCards include step-by-step diagrams for each knot

Easy to follow step-by-step diagrams

Each knot includes a step-by-step description with corresponding diagrams, making it easy to check that your knots are tied right.

Knot Types

Fly Fishing



Fishing (Simple Knots)


Outdoors, Fly Fishing, Climbing, & Nautical

Number of Knots






57 (!!!!)

Portable and Waterproof

Package Includes

Knot Cards and Mini Carabiner

Knot Cards, 4″ Horn Cleat, & Two Color-Coded Cords

Knot Cards and Braided Steel Loop

Knot Cards and Mini Carabiner

Knot Cards, Webbing & Two Color-Coded Cords

4 Sets of Knot Cards, 3 Mini Carabiners, & 1 Wire Loop

Recommended Usage

Knot Reference

Knot Practice and Reference

Knot Reference

Knot Reference

Knot Practice and Reference

Ultimate Knot Reference

Waterproof knot tying cards with step-by-step boating and sailing rope knot tying diagrams designed to be easy to follow, including descriptions and usage tips
Printed on super thick premium plastic card stock for unmatched durability
Portable and waterproof card format (about the size of a credit card, but more durable) is ideal for maritime environments — far superior to paper knot books
Includes mini carabiner for clipping your knot cards within arm’s reach
How to tie 20 nautical knots specially selected for sailing and boating scenarios

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ReferenceReady Boating and Sailing Knot Cards


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