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KAKURI Woodworking Japanese Block Plane 42mm, Manual Hand Size Mini Kanna Wood Planer, 1.6 × 5.9 ×2.1 inches (41931)

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35.00 25.00

35.00 25.00

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Product Description


KAKURI Japanese Woodworking Tool Brand

KAKURI Corporation was founded in 1946 in Sanjo City.

Sanjo City is the leading production area of cutlery in Japan.

We manufacture the products with superior quality and functions, such as saws, chisels, carpenter tools, and more.

Taking advantage of more than 70 years of experience and results from our founding in 1946, we design hand-made products individually.

From a professional standpoint, we select and sell only high-quality products.

Please feel and enjoy the authentic Japanese products of the KAKURI brand.




Made in Japan!

Requires less power!

The resulting surface is cleaner!

Smooth and accurate scrape!

Sharp blade!

Japanese super steel

All KaKurI japanese planes are consisted of top quality japanese steel. It uses high quality Japanese steel, which makes cuts to be sharp

Do you know about a “Japanese Pull Plane“?

Japanese plane finish surface of wood via pulling and thus are called “pull plane.” It requires less power, realizes exceedingly smooth and accurate scrape, and results that the finished surface is clean. And particularly this plane’s blade is sharper because high quality carbon steel is used, enable comfortable wood working comparable plane of its size.


All KaKurI products are manufactured in Japan by Japanese master craftsmen. While many other makers in Japan have shifted to creating products outside of Japan, we continues to plan, create trial products, and carry out product tests in our factory and are able to incorporate the fresh and new opinions of craftsmen. This allows us to ensure our high quality in our products.

kakuri planekakuri plane

For finishing the surface of wood!

This tool is possible to finish the surface of wood smooth.

Pull it forward with both hands.

Fine adjustment of the plane blade is required to use the plane appropriately.

Please refer included English instructions.


Handy size. Ideal for wood work!

It is an easy-to-hold mini plane that you can work with one hand.

Portable size enable you to work smart and comfortable.

Size: 1.6 × 5.9 ×2.1 inchesWeight: 9.4 oz

Size Variation

Blade width: 42 mm / 50 mm / 60 mm

Blade width: 9, 15, 24 mm

Fits Chisels: 3-42 mm / Fits Planes: 42-70 mm

Head Weight: 300 g / 375 g / 450 g

Blade; Straight / Tapered

Blade Length: 210 mm / 240 mm

Japanese Steel


Chamfer, Finish surface of the wood


Sharpening chisel and plane blade

Nailing, Chiseling, Setting plane blade

Making pilot hole, Drilling wood

Cutting wood

Made in







JAPANESE WOODEN PULL PLANE KANNA: Ideal Japanese type woodworking hand planer for surface finishing of wood. You can make smooth chamfers by polishing the wood with this handtool. Because it is used by pulling instead of pushing, it is easy to apply force evenly, and accurate and efficient straight carpentry work is possible. It can be used not only for professional carpenters but also for a home DIY woodworkers.
EASY TO HANDLE MINI SIZE: A small handy size wood planer. Ideal for chamfering corner of the wood. Angled shave is possible. Because it can be operated with one hand, it is also useful for precision work. The portable size is convenient for carrying around.
TOP QUALITY JAPANESE TOOL: Only Japanese high-grade materials are used. The plane blade is razor-sharp and durable, it is possible to restore the sharpness by sharpening the blade with a whetstone. Also, the wooden body is heavy duty and excellent wear resistance. All KAKURI brand products are manufactured in Japan and handcrafted by Japanese craftsmen.
OFFICIAL ENGLISH INSTRUCTION: KAKURI Official English instruction is included. The length of the blade is adjustable by hitting with a hammer. Fine adjustment of the blade is necessary when using a Japanese plane.
PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Made in Japan / Body: Oak wood / Blade: Japanese high carbon steel / Size: 2.2×5.9×1.6 inches

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KAKURI Woodworking Japanese Block Plane 42mm, Manual Hand Size Mini Kanna Wood Planer, 1.6 × 5.9 ×2.1 inches (41931)

35.00 25.00

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